Ghosts Of America – untold stories we the people tell and told then and now

Welcome to America, join us on a voyage into the wonderland of what made America special and to our work in progress documentary – as we travel America looking for those untold stories we the people tell and told of people places and things then and now -we are in search of those moments beyond the usual that live on as memories or will soon be ghosts of yesterday. My mother, once said “ask an immigrant if you want to really know what America means” my mother should know she came from a far away place like all of us except the indigenous people

we will travel around the United States of America looking for where the home of the brave lived and where seldom was heard a discouraging word and where the deer and the antelope use to play

taking moving/still images and recording audio of what once was and what is now but someday will join the good ole days

for your information this is not about scary ghost stories but more about you and me and our story and our ancestors stories

food for imagination

geo geller

ghost chaser

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